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Selling a House Mortgage

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What is a Real Estate License Agreement?

Selling a House Mortgage

The real estate contract is a legal document which has lot of technical and legal jargon and it is not really easy to comprehend the matter. This contract is very much like any other business document and hence it is imperative that you read the contract thoroughly before signing the agreement. A contract always has two parties, the buyer and the seller. Both the parties sit down, decide on the contract amount, date when it would be effective, other terms and conditions, technical matters and legal matters concerned with the deal.

A real estate contract would become a legalized and valid document only when it is in black and white and also both the parties need to give their consent to the agreement by signing the document. With the current financial downpour, the real-estate market does not look very encouraging and hence one needs to be doubly sure before the agreement is formulated. This saves a lot of hardships in the future. Once you have signed on the dotted line, it is set on stone and it is not very easy to go back and change the clauses without the permission and approval of the opposite party. When buying real estate property, the paperwork is normally done by the real estate dealers. The real estate dealer should be unbiased and draft an agreement which is equal and suits both the buyer as well as the seller.

The real estate contract gives complete information about the property. In any agreement, the cost factor plays an important role and a real estate contract is no different. The contract period, rate of interest are important aspects in a real-estate contract. It is mandatory that the purchaser makes a deposit payment. The amount needs to be specified in both words and numbers and the name of the person who has collected the amount needs to be clearly mentioned.

The document should be truly transparent and free of ambiguities so that both the parties do not face any future problems or nuisances. The final real-estate contract should be perfectly drafted and should be inspected thoroughly by both the buyer as well as the seller. The warranties along with other related assurances need to be mentioned clearly. The other important factors include clauses related to repair expenses, hygienic and sanitary situations, occupation date of the buyer.

This is why legalities play an important role when it comes to a property contract. Check out the various legal forms on free sites and it would be easier and economical to draft the real estate contract.

What is a Quick Sale in Real Estate?

Is a real estate lawyer a better choice than a title company when it comes to selling your home? You can choose any one of the two but you should first be aware of the difference between real estate lawyers and title companies. Here is some information about both the entities and whose services can benefit you most.

Real estate lawyers

Real estate lawyers specialize in laws relating to real estate and make sure that your interests as a seller are met in the transaction. These lawyers can act as escrow agents as they can hold your earnest money, down payments as well as help you with the requisite documentation. These attorneys can also help you understand the legalities involved in the sale transaction, the offer made by the buyer and your rights as a seller.

An attorney can also handle a closing in case the lender's lawyer doesn't do that. Every real estate lawyer has two most important responsibilities.

• To advise on the documentation process of the transaction
• To represent you at a closing

Besides these two important services, an attorney also negotiates any modifications in the purchase contract that the seller wants to incorporate. Preparing the seller's deed, another crucial aspect, is also taken care of by the attorney. The attorney you hire will also accompany you on your meeting with the client/buyer at the time of settlement. He/she will also advise you on the tax implications involved in your home or property sale.

Title companies

Title companies are insurance agencies that represent title insurance companies. Such companies insure titles to lenders and buyers by ensuring that a title is free from any encumbrance that can cause financial loss.

The title company assures the buyer that he/she can get his/her title on the home or property with no liens against it. The availability of a title on the particular home/property is made clear and vouched for by a title company. In the process, such an entity protects the rights and interests of both parties in question.

Usually, most title companies insure a closing with the help of a lawyer to fulfill certain requirements. Closings also depend on the area you are living in. Toronto natives can hire the services of a real estate lawyer for sale closings.

Keep the following things in mind when you sell your property:

Title companies can hold the down payment and close your home without additional costs. Also, there is a possibility that title companies may give you a discount on your title insurance if you had previously used their services to either refinance or buy your home or property. Lawyers can also close your home/property sale and hold your down payment but may charge an additional fee.

A lawyer can charge a higher fee to write a contract. In cases of simple transactions, this can complicate negotiations. But in most other property sale transactions, the services of a real estate lawyer can prove invaluable.

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